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Sketches of Spain Street is meant to give you insight into what it felt like when I returned to New Orleans after being away from home for way too long. All of the places that I knew and loved were gone— Katrina had played her part and time played the other. Pops moved to a new house on Spain Street… a street none of us had ever lived before… to try to make life as "normal" as it could be. In the end, I wound up haunting the streets I once roamed; trying to make peace with the life I had to leave behind.

This project— both the EP and the free "Mixtape"— are the sum of three of the hardest years of my life. It's the pain, the hope, the disappointment, and the resilience that dreams often provide. It's the desire to search every corner of the world for opportunity and the agony of homesickness. It's the long nights that turn into early mornings; hovered over a notebook and piano looking for peace. It's the smoke cloud that clears your mind. It is Life.

Both a mix of original, repurposed, and borrowed musicality, Sketches of Spain Street is my journey… right or wrong.

Thank you for taking that journey with me. Thank you for helping to support Good Music.